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All Blues (Miles Davis)
Device: 6/8, Blues, Jazz, Harmon Mute, Jazz ostinato

Concepts: Duration, Structure, Tone Colour

Notes: This piece is a jazz blues.
It is in 6/8 and uses a repeated ostinato figure in the bass and accompanying horn line.
The trumpet plays the melody using a Harmon mute. The mute is removed for the start of the trumpet solo.
The drums use brushes on the snare drum during the melody, switching to sticks and the ride cymbal for the solo.
The piano plays a tremolo under the melody.

Sakura ~ Ying Hua (David Fiuczynski)
Device: Wah-wah guitar effect

Concepts: Dynamics and Expressive Techniques, Tone Colour

Oye Cómo Va (Tito Puente)
Device: Cha-cha style

Concepts: Duration, Texture, Tone Colour