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Clair de Lune (Debussy)
Device: 9/8 time signature, compound triple time, rubato

Concepts: Duration

Academia (Sia)
Device: Arpeggios

Concepts: Pitch

Notes: The vocal melody of the verses is entirely made of arpeggios.

Halloween - Theme from the Movie (John Carpenter)
Device: 5/4 time signature, melodic ostinato

Concepts: Duration, Pitch

Notes: Piece features a 5/4 time signature
Repetitive melodic ostinato as main theme
Long sustained notes in the bass layer, almost drone like.

Hey Ya (Outkast)
Device: Multimetre

Concepts: Duration

Notes: Popular 20th Century song that features multimetre, intro starts with four bars of 4/4 then one bar of 2/4. Then patterns of five bars of 4/4 one bar of 2/4.

All Blues (Miles Davis)
Device: 6/8, Blues, Jazz, Harmon Mute, Jazz ostinato

Concepts: Duration, Structure, Tone Colour

Notes: This piece is a jazz blues.
It is in 6/8 and uses a repeated ostinato figure in the bass and accompanying horn line.
The trumpet plays the melody using a Harmon mute. The mute is removed for the start of the trumpet solo.
The drums use brushes on the snare drum during the melody, switching to sticks and the ride cymbal for the solo.
The piano plays a tremolo under the melody.

Money (Pink Floyd)
Device: Mixed Metre, Riff

Concepts: Duration

Notes: Starts in 7/4. Repeated bass ostinato/riff. Changes to 4/4 in the guitar solo.
In the guitar solo, the harmony references the blues progression using chords I/IV/I/V with a shuffle feel in the drums

Some Day My Prince Will Come (Adriana Caselotti)
Device: ABAC form

Concepts: Duration, Structure

Pipeline (The Ventures)
Device: Alberti Bass

Concepts: Pitch

Notes: Use of alberti bass in a pop setting. Played by the rhythm guitar during the opening.

L'alba dei morti vivienti (Theme from "Zombi - Dawn of the Dead") (Goblin)
Device: Pedal point

Concepts: Pitch

Notes: Clear use of pedal point during the main theme at 0m45s when the bass and drums enter.

Morning Bell (Radiohead)
Device: 5/4 time signature

Concepts: Duration

Tolerate It (Taylor Swift)
Device: 10/8 time signature

Concepts: Duration

Sakura ~ Ying Hua (David Fiuczynski)
Device: Wah-wah guitar effect

Concepts: Dynamics and Expressive Techniques, Tone Colour

Fugue 5 in D Major (J.S. Bach)
Device: Polyphonic Texture

Concepts: Texture

5/4 (Gorillaz)
Device: 5/8 guitar riff

Concepts: Duration

Notes: Main guitar riff is played in groups of 5 quavers, which implies a metre of 5/8 (despite the name of the song), until a simple rock beat that is in 4/4 is presented. Every 5 bars of 4/4 and after 4 guitar riffs of 5 quavers, riff lands back on beat one.

Calle del aire (Estrella Morente)
Device: Polyrhythm
Aquacero (Snowboy & the Latin Section)
Device: 3/2 Rumba Clave

Concepts: Duration

Oye Cómo Va (Tito Puente)
Device: Cha-cha style

Concepts: Duration, Texture, Tone Colour

El Cuarto De Tula (Buena Vista Social Club)
Device: 2/3 Son Clave

Concepts: Duration

Everything in its Right Place (Radiohead)
Device: Phyrgian Mode

Concepts: Pitch

Notes: The opening chords are: C - DbMaj7 - Eb6

Undertow (TOOL)
Device: Tempo change

Concepts: Duration, Structure

Notes: The song holds a steady tempo of 85bpm until around 3:31 where the interlude riff slows down heavily over 6 beats to a tempo of approximately 40bpm. The riff then gradually gets faster until the vocal entry which it maintains a steady tempo of 85bpm until the outro where the riff is played at 110bpm

Killing Me Softly (Roberta Flack)
Device: Picardy Third

Concepts: Pitch

Notes: The chorus (and opening) starts in E minor and ends in E major.

lllow the sun (the olllam)
Device: 10/8 time signature

Concepts: Duration

Notes: The 10/8 time signature is based on the 'Curcuna' rhythm from the Middle East. It is broken down as: 3+2+2+3.

Hound Dog (Elvis Presley)
Device: 12 Bar Blues

Concepts: Duration, Pitch, Structure

Notes: Key of G:

I Got Rhythm (Bobby Darin)
Device: AABA Song form

Concepts: Duration, Structure